Martijn Vanbuel

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Prijzen vanaf     € 40.00 / uur

Veelzijdig contrabassist en pianist geeft lessen en allerhande stijlen en stielen in de muziek.


Martijn Vanbuel (born 1980, Neerpelt, Belgium) is a jazz acoustic and electric bass player, composer/producer and educator who is active in a wide range of styles of music. Martijn has a keen interest in all sorts of folk and world music (of which jazz is one) and often fuses these styles into his own whimsical compositions. Being educated as a decent jazz standard and bebop player, Martijn uses these skills to a much wider range of settings, such as his own Orbit Folks and Forbid Oaks, the Taiwanese world jazz group Sizhukong, Tim Finoulst Trio or with the Amber Haddad Quintet.

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